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Cultural History

The Redding Rancheria is a sovereign nation capable of governing themselves. The tribe is a Native American tribe which is one of the federally-recognized tribes of the United States. It was the Bureau of Indian Affairs which purchased the land of the Redding Rnacheria. It was in 1922 when the land was purchased and today it is known as a place of the used to be homeless Indians. The tribe's Rancheria is a mixture of the Indians of the Pit-River, the Wintu and the Yana.
Even before the land was bought by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the tribe had long started fishing and gathering resources around the creek. When the land was bought, it was officially and legally handed to the tribe for settlement purposes. The life of the tribe in the reservation was somewhat communal and people had cooperation. They all looked after one another, so nobody could harm them. Their lifestyle was well lived because of the variety of resources available for the tribe. The Bureau of Indian Affairs indeed bought the land, but failed to provide the housing units needed to recognize the land as a village. 
The tribe underwent a tragic history in California. The tribe's cultural identity was supposed to be eradicated as proposed by the Congress under the California Rancheria Act. The termination of the tribe also included the loss of the special status and the rights of the tribe. The termination was enacted on the 6th of July, 1959. The act also included the distribution of the assets of the rancheria and so it was no longer recognized by the government. Likewise, the people who were settled in the Rancheria were no longer considered as Indians. The territories of the Indians were then sold to those who were still considered as Indians as well as the non-natives. The Indians who stayed in the Rancheria still considered themselves as Indians and so they continued their communal traditions under the operation of the traditional tribal council. 
It was in the late 1970's when the Inter-Tribal Council of California was activated in the formation of the task forces in recognition of the termination of a number of tribes in the Rancheria. The California Rancheria Act was invalidated in the year 1983 under the ruling system of California State. The California RAncheria Act was said to have failed in the obligations that was supposed to be in compliance with the California Rancheria Act. As a result of the invalidation, the Redding Rancheria, together with seventeen other tribes who were not recognized by the government was once again given their full recognition. It was in the year 1987 when the Redding Rancheria fully restored its tribal rights and adopted its Constitution. Today, the tribe is the owner of the Win-River Casino.

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