Pit River Tribe

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 867
XL Reservation
Alturas, CA 96101


Cultural History

The Pit River Tribe people are fun-loving people. They have been through many exiling of tribal members but the remaining members have proved to be strong and are indomitable. The tribe is working towards the organization of their tribal members and the tribal government. There are improvements that are said to be needed in the tribal organization. There are few written records of the tribe's existence and their history. The history is mostly generated from the tribe's oral traditions. The history of the tribe was then reorganized according to the oral traditions and folklores which got the tribal men into the cold winter nights.

The tribe is an organization of the Madesi Band Pit River Indians. The tribe is fighting for their Traditional and Civil Rights which they ought to have. The tribal traditions were worn out upon the influx of the White settlers. This did not hinder the leaders of the tribe, however, to keep their tribal rights close to them and continue to fight for it. The traditions which were preserved for a long time seemed to have vanished along with some of the most important cultural data about the tribe. There is little information left as to how the tribe came to be and to where their current reservation is.

There have been several fallacies that have spread out regarding the tribe. The first of which is the enrolment record fire. It has been said that there was a statement that came out about the tribal records which were "falsely" stated as put into fire. The truth was there was fire, and many tribal records were destroyed. This is according to the tribal witnesses who helped in the arrangement of the evidences. Second rumour and "lie" was that there was a BIA Funding Loss when in fact, there is no such thing. Third, the Shadley sympathisers are true, and not made up by the supporters of the need to support the constitution by most of the tribal members. The fourth is the number of descendants supposedly up to four thousand. The truth is that there are only not more than three hundred thirteen people who were on the list for disenrollment. 

The tribe has held their annual tribal elections which they elected their new tribal Council. The tribal council is the governing body being given the full responsibility of the tribal welfare. The Tribal Council is also the primary in charge of the tribal enterprises. There are regular meetings that are held for the tribal issues to be discussed. Most of the Pit River Tribe people have open relationships on their families which makes it easier for the tribal council to reach out and learn about the tribal issues concerning its members. The tribe's priorities today are their tribal enterprises which generate revenues for the betterment of the infrastructure and lifestyle of the tribal people.

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