Rincon Band of Mission Indians

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Cultural History

The Rincon Band of mission Indians has recently gone through a controversy. The tribe is in the fight of wanting more slots to fit their casino. The tribe, hailing from Pasadena, is one of the most talked about tribes of today. The tribe is originally from the Arizona region until the White settlers came to their ancestral lands and ceded most of it.

These people are known to be good hunters, fishers and gatherers of berries. The tribe was resourceful in their own way such that they made use of the resources available in the tribal lands. They never asked for other people to support them. The tribe was independent in its right. They are also fighters who kept on fighting for what they deserve. Their traditional way of life has now been influenced by the influx of the modern technology but they have maintained their simple lifestyle. Feeding on buffalo, fish, and other agricultural resources, the tribe has managed to restrain the invaders from taking all of their ancestral lands. Instead, the tribe engaged in several treaties which were ought to protect the tribal lands. However, instead of protecting the tribal lands, the treaties brought only destruction to the lands as well as to the lifestyles of the tribal people. The treaties sought to cede the tribal lands as well as their traditions. The Rincon did not give in to the oppression and fought for their rights. They did won over the support of their neighboring tribes but were still not self supporting during the ancient times. The tribe did, however, manage to use their resources to start up a small business that was soon recapitalized for the betterment of the services.

After some time, the tribe was granted their "Tribal Status" by the federal government of the United States. Following this, the constitution and the by-laws of the tribe were likewise ratified and approved. The elections of the Tribal Council soon followed, and the tribe has organized their system of governance which was independent and somehow effective. The tribe has also gained the sovereign rights which allow them to operate their businesses without the other tribes nor the government meddling with their relations.

Nowadays, the tribal casino which is currently the center of the keen eyes of the mass media generates revenues of not less than $300 million. Of this revenue, $61 million was reserved for the tribal operations, the others for the payroll while some were reserved for the percentage of the state's cut. The tribal government is on its way on boosting the casino known as the Harrah's Rincon Casino & Resort. Its slot machines are said to have earned an average of $381 each everyday. This earning is far beyond those of the slot machines located in Las Vegas. The issue of the addition of slot machines is still pending, but the tribe looks positively on the results.

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