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Cultural History

Of all the other California tribes, the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians is very proud to say that they are the most resistant to the influences of the modern times. They are also the most defiant of the conversion efforts from the Spanish priests. It was only after one year of the establishment of the Mission in San Diego that the conversion of the Indians took place. This happened in the year 1769. 

The reasons for the strong opposition of the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians to the invasion of the Spanish were their weaponry which according to historians was very strong armors made of wood and stone. The Spanish colonizers were literally helpless compared to the agility and strength of the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians. The Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians launched several attacks to drive away their colonizers, the most famous of which is the destruction of the San Diego Mission which happened in 1775. The territory of this tribe was seldom under the control of other dominant races like the Spaniards. They have succeeded in protecting their 30 mile coast property
When California became part of Mexico in 1821, there was a massive uprising of the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians throughout their territory. They then started attacks on the Mexican Ranchosand so in 1842, the Ranchos had been abandoned. During this time, the warriors were almost done and were attacking San Diego. They have spared the city from destruction and kept their homelands thanks to their powerful weapons.

General Kearney was the first one to offer an alliance with the tribe. He did not really ask the tribe to stay away from their territory but to keep themselves away from the battles. With this, he assured the tribe of fairness and equality. In 1848, the Mexican-American War ended but it lessened the territories of the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians so in 1852, the tribe agreed to have a treaty with the United States. Their aim was to be recognized as a nation within a nation.

However, for some reason, the treaty was disapproved and the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians were sought to be enslaved. Because of the massive extermination, their population dropped to 10% in a matter of ten years. Despite the stronghold of the Campo Band of Kumeyaay Indians to their territories, they were still no match for the American invaders and so their territories were fragmented.

Good thing though, in 1875, one of the lands were converted into a reservation under trust. Following the next twenty-five years, the reservations were multiplied to what is now the Campo Indian Reservation. The place was known as the Meelqsh G'tay which was a name for big open meadow. Somehow, over the years, the name was translated into English. The band now operates the Muht Hei, Incorporated which is the primary in charge of managing the Golden Acorn Casino, the Campo Materials and the Kumeyaay Wind.

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