Pauma Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 369
Pauma Valley, CA 92061


Cultural History

The Pauma Band of Luiseno Mission Indians has been in the eye of the media just recently, due to the approval of the Environmental Review from the National Gaming Commission on its Expansion Plans of Casino Resort. The Pauma Band of Luiseno Mission Indians is actually a federally recognized tribal government. The tribe's primary settlemtn is in the Pauma Valley of the Southern California region. The tribe is actually one of the seven other bands of the Luiseno people who were originally located on the San Diego and that of the Riverside counties. The tribe has been keen on protecting their tribal rights and their tribal lands.

One of the most essential characteristics of the tribe is their willingness to strive for excellence and their undying faith in the preservation of their tribal lands. The tribe is well known for their hunting and agricultural skills which they have since then mastered from their ancestors. The tribe is a firm believer of the power of the environmental risks which should be taken in consideration in the planning of the tribal enterprises.

Originally hailing from the wood lands, the tribe has extended their knowledge to the tribal lands that were granted to them by the Congress. The tribe has made efforts to preserve the trees and the rest of the resources found in their tribal territories. The tribal government has well taken care of the resources to be put in useful products. There have been many projects proposed for the tribe's enterprises but all of the projects were held on hold until the approval of the environmental council composed by the general members of the tribe. The environmental council were the ones who are to take care of the preservation of land resources for the future for the next generation. The tribe also has the general Tribal Council which takes care of the tribal issues. The Tribal Council meets on a regular basis for the betterment and the improvement of the tribal projects. 

On the other hand, the tribe has gone a long way since their ancestral years. The tribe does not only rely on its agricultural industry but the production and the gaming industry as well. The tribal government is the primary in charge of the management of the tribal enterprises. There have been many changes in the past years but the enterprises are still growing and are on the verge of becoming the top enterprises in the Indian communities of the state.

The tribal enterprises include that of the production of the Hass avocados, the Valencia Oranges and lemons. The tribe is also busy with the restoration of the tribal lands that were somewhat destroyed by the influx of the White settlers.

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