Barona Band of Mission Indians

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Cultural History

The Barona Band of Mission Indians has been living in the San Diego County for centuries. However, upon the arrival of the Spanish soldiers and invaders, the 200 years of hardship arrived for the Native Americans. This era started in the late seventeenth century, most specifically in 1769. IN the year 1875, the federal government established what is now called the Capitan Grande Reservation. This was dedicated to the Native Americans who were living in the area during the time. They had to relocate, though, as in 1932, the government brought back the place to construct a reservoir.

The ranch history of the Barona Band of Mission Indians started when the inhabitants of the former Capitan Grander Reservation became homeless nomads. They did not have a place to settle in, and where wandering around probably looking for vacant lots. The tribe was homeless but not penniless. They had money in their pockets which they used to buy the Barona Ranch now known as the Barona Indian Reservation. The area is near Lakeside, which is 30 miles in the northeastern part of San Diego.

Despite the bountiful land that they have acquired, they were still struggling for economic success. In 1994, they achieved success when they opened their first business venture known as the Big Top. This was opened through the help of Venture Catalyst. Since then, the casino has become their main source of income. There is now zero unemployment rate in their area.

The Barona Band of Mission Indians is a federally recognized sovereign government. It is generally ruled by its 240 voting members. The tribe also has its own Tribal Council which is comprised of seven elected tribal officials. The tribal officials include a chairperson and a vice-chairman who both have four year service terms. The council is in charge of the policies to be applied on the reservation as well as other tribal issues. To assure that they do their duties, the Tribal Council conducts meetings weekly. The tribe also has their own Barona Gaming Commission who is composed of appointed tribal members. These people are those who cannot be employed by the tribe or the casino for any other service. They are in charge of the casino activities and the background checks of the prospective investors or players.

Nowadays, the Barona Band of Mission Indians is busy with their business ventures including the Barona School, Gas Station and their casino. The Barona Gas Station is open 24 hours a day and is located in the entrance road of the Barona Casino. The casino is their major business, though and over the years it has helped both native and non-native Americans. Because of the casino, they have also shared $6,000,000 in casino revenues to some other 14 tribes.

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