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Cultural History

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians is a part of the Cahuilla which is a tribe composed of Native Americans. The Band is then composed of the people who have inhabited the United States State of California for not less than two thousand years. The Band is actually one of the owners of the tribally celebrated land area encompassing two thousand four hundred square miles. The tribal center of the territory is located on the heart of Southern California. The tribal land's boundaries are the San Bernandino Mountains to the north, the Beorrego Springs and Chocolate Mountains to the south, the Colorado Desert to the east and the San Jacinto Plain to the west. The tribal tradition and folklore reveal that there was a large body of water called the Lake Cahuilla which was in existence prior to the tribe's dramatic move towards the area. The Lake, however, dried up in the seventeenth century, leaving the band with lesser resources. However, in the year 1905, the Salton Sea came to be. These people are actually divided into three, based on the locations. There are the "Mountain", the "Desert" and the "Pass" groups as classified by the anthropologists. The tribal reservations are scattered all over the Southern California region. The primary language spoken about by most of the tribal members is that of the Uto-Aztecan family. The language is a Native American language and is said to be one of the largest in terms of the geographical extension and the number of languages and speakers. This language has played an important role in the lives of the tribal people are it was used in the tribal trade and communication that spelled out several success stories in the tribal history and culture. In the year 1990 census data, there are only said to be thirty five speakers from the tribal population of eight hundred. This only proves that despite of the importance of the tribal language, it is already near extinction as most of the speakers are already in their middle years.

The tribal population has been an argument to many experts. One of the experts named Alfred L. Kroeber claims that the tribe's population is at two thousand five hundred while another expert named N. Hicks claims to have recorded not less than three thousand six hundred. His basis was the size of the lineage of the tribe. On the other hand, Lowell John Bean had an estimate of six thousand to ten thousand tribal populations. The tribal population was flourishing until the smallpox virus hit the tribe and killed many tribal members. 

The Tribe is the owner and operator of the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa. The casino, located in the Cabazon area of California, is one of the tallest casinos which is not located in either Las Vegas or Montville. It is only one of the three triple A for casino resorts located in California along with the Pechanga Resort and Casino.

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