Sherwood Valley Rancheria Indians

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P.O. Box 1417
Willits, CA 95490



Cultural History

There is not much information known about the Sherwood Valley Rancheria Indians except that they are the residents of the Sherwood Valley. The tribe is said to not any different from the other tribes. However, their expertise is horticulture. The Sherwood Valley Rancheria people are very much into their privacy, and there is very little sneak preview on the tribal government and the history. There are not much recorded contacts by the Europeans with this tribe so they have maintained their traditional way of living away from the influx of the land-hungry settlers. 

The tribe hails from the northwestern California. The dialect of the tribe came from that of the Hokan family, which is somewhat related to the languages of the people who were in the northernmost part of the state. The tribal language covers the other people who are into the southern portion of Mexico and that of the eastern portion of the Great Basin and the Southwest.

The tribe has several business ventures, most of which are revenue-generating. The tribe owns the Sherwood Valley Pools. The business offers several services such as the Pool Openings, the Pool closings, Pool service, pool maintenance, pool chemical deliveries and liner replacements. They are also into the aquabot authorized service center as well as jobs involving renovations. This service oriented business has been around for several years now, starting in the year 1978. The primary goal of the business was to establish a family-oriented business that would provide the products needed for the family needs at a relatively affordable price. The staff promises to cater to the needs of every client in the best possible way that they could. The services offered are primarily for the pool maintenance purposes. The tribe hails from the Pomo Indians who has a number of not less than nine thousand members. The primary dwellings of these people are those located in the Big Valley, the Cloverdale, the Dry Creek, the Grindstone, the Guidville, Hopland, Lytton, and the Manchester/Point Arena, Pinoleville, the Potter Valley, the Sherwood Valley, Scotts Valley and the Robinson among the others. Most of these people have made their living by gathering shellfish and through fishing. The tribal people have also relied secondarily on the acorns and game while thriving on the major rivers of which they resided. Salmon was the most prominent waterfowl in the area.

The tribe is primarily settled in the Willits, California. Aside from the other business enterprises, they also own the Black Bart Casino. The Black Bart Casino has a "Player's Club" and some other amenities. It also has a dining center as well as a safe RV parking. The casino guarantees its players to have fun while being relatively comfortable.

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