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Cultural History

The Susanville Indian Rancheria habitat's original size is 30 acres which was purchased on the 15th of August in 1923 under the Landless and Homeless Act as approved by the United States Congress. The Act provided funds for the homeless Indians to find settlement. However, on June 6, 1975, Clifton C. Cramer and Betty G. Cramer served what is called a "Quit Claim" of the .53 acre land which is part of the old Indian Cemetery to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. According to them, this part is to be held as some sort of a trust fund for the future Susanville Indian Rancheria. Similarly, in October 14, 1978 additional 120 acres were added to the property. In 1994, the Rancheria received a donation of additional 80 acres while the U.S Department of the Army Act added another 72 acres in November 6, 2000. The tribe then purchased 3.21 acres and transferred it to the tribe. Late September 2003, the tribe purchased 160 acres. The total land base now is 1,100.74 acres which is in trust status while there are 240 in free status.

The Susanville Indian Rancheria's bylaws were approved by the Secretary of Interiors on March 3, 1969 prior to its election in the charter under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. The Susanville Indian Rancheria is made up of several tribes thriving together as one. Some of the tribes include the Northeastern Maidu, the Northern Paiute, the Pit River and even the Washoe. The federal government, however, recognizes these tribes as one which is the Susanville Indian Rancheria. As a recognized entity, it is independent on its own and has the political, governmental and social benefits just like other Native American Tribes. However, the only recognized political entity of this organization of tribes is the Susanville Indian Rancheria.

The Susanville Indian Rancheria has a General Council whose members are all those enrolled tribesmen who are at least eighteen years of age. The Tribal Buisness Council, on the other hand, is given the responsibility of taking care of the affairs both locally and nationally. It is composed of a seven-member governing body as elected by the general members. The voting membership of the tribe is at 378 but the total population is actually up to 578. 

Their services include the Lassen Indian Health Center which caters to more than 1,500 Native Americans and the Susanville Indian Rancheria  which offers adult education, general assistance, scholarships, community fire protection, after-school tutoring, Indian child welfare and environmental quality among others.

Today, the tribe is the main operator of the Diamond Mountain Casino which includes a bar, gift shop and Lava Rock Grill, the Diamond Hotel Mini-Mart and its own Housing Authority.

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