Middletown Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians

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The Middletown Rancheria band of Pomo Indians is composed of Native Americans who are part of the Pomo Indians. The Band is said to have been given the name Middletown Rancehria because of its size. The tribal reservation area is said to have been composed of the people who are either from the Pomo, Lake Miwok and Wintun tribal groups, The Middletown, however, belongs to the Pomo among the others. The Band has been considered to be part of the Pomo until recently, an analysis of the band's language revealed that they are actually one of the eldest native speakers on the Rancheria actually speaks a language which is literally distinct from the language of the Pomo. Instead, the language is almost similar to that of the Lake Miwok. There is a unique distinction between the two languages so it is quite ironic that the Band belongs to the Pomo while they are speakers of a language coming from the Lake Miwok.

However, they are still considered to be a part of the Pomo Indians of today. The Middletown Rancheria houses an estimated population of seventy three. The land area is one hundred nine acres. It was established in the year 1910 for the used to be landless Native Americans. The reservation is located about thirty miles on the east of the City of Santa Rosa. The Wappo and the Lake Miwok people were the first ones to move in to the reservation. In the years that came, these people were then recognized as one Band that is the Middletown Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians.

The band issues concerning the Middletwon Rancheria include those of the alcoholism, drug abuse or domestic violence. These issues comprised ninety percent of the households in the Middletown Rancheria prior to the establishment of the gambling casino. These days, because of the improved employment rate, the band issues have now reduced to twenty percent. The obvious reduction in the percentage of Band problems is being regarded to the casino which has brought an ambivalent effect on the economic and societal forces of the Band. Because of the casino, more Band members have grown to have a steady source of income, purpose and best of all, direction and self-respect to the Rancheria. The Band people have gained pride in building up their self confidence. Likewise, juvenile delinquencies have also tremendously reduced.

The Band's major pride is the Twine Pine Casino fully operated and owned by the Band. The casino is situated on the scenic southern Lake County on the nort6hern gateway up to the location of the Napa Valley. The Casino and Resort offers its clients the superb service at a relatively affordable price. The slot machines are well-rounded; there are also live-action table games as well as Blackjack, 3-Card Poker and the Pai Gow Plus. Aside from the gaming facilities, the Twine Pine Casino is also equipped with the latest entertainment and weekly promotional events.

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