Robinson Rancheria Tribe of Pomo Indians

Mailing Address

1545 E. Highway 20
Nice, CA 95464



Cultural History

The Robinson Rancheria Tribe of Pomo Indians is composed of four hundred seventy seven members. This number includes the elders as well as the children. The settlement of the Robinson Rancheria Tribe of Pomo Indians is approximately 107 acres. This is the land base of the largest acreage of the Robinson Rancheria. Majority of the tribal territory is adjacent to the State Highway 20 which is situated in between the small communities of the Upper Lake and Nice.
Their present day location was bought in the year 1981. The purchase of the land was in response to the unique set of circumstances that started from the settlement conformity between the members of the Robinson Rancheria and the United States government. It was however, in the year 1956 when a court case between them and the United States government terminated the reservation status of the Indians in the Old Robinson. In the same year, almost ninety percent of the tribal members were then forced to relocate in a new land, which was located in the urban areas. The relocation was part of the termination process of the government. The result of the migration was the threat of extinction of the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of the used to be rich and wonderful tribal history. Their tradition, culture ands language were put at stake. Good thing though, their federal recognition was re-instituted in the middle of the 1960's. A tribal government was formally planned in the year 1978 by the Robinson Rancheria. Two years later, in the year 1980, the rancheria also adopted a Tribal Constitution. It was then in the year 1985 when forty one housing units were built in the newly acquired land territory though the help of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The rancheria, since then, has been home to most of its tribal members.
The tribe's diet was composed of whatever they could find in their area.  This included nuts, acorns and other plants. Their traditional homes were built using the materials found in the forests which were near to them. The tribe is known for their basketry, unique language and shake head dancers. 
The tribe, aside from taking care of business ventures, is still in keen responsibility of their environment. They have several projects which protect their resources. They are also keen in their operations which aim to punish all the destroyers of their resources. Proof of their environmental awareness and care is the establishment of the Environmental Resources Consortium.
The tribe is the owner of several well known business enterprises. Some of the most loved business ventures of the tribe is the Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino, the Aurora RV Marina & Park as well as the Robinson Rancheria Recycling Center and the Pomo Smoke Shop

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