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Cultural History

The Tachi Yokut Tribe - Santa Rosa Rancheria is a group of Native American Indians who have been living in the San Joaquin Valley for centuries. They are known to be good in farming, fishing, hunting deer and buffalo, gathering grains and berries as well as nuts, fruits and some root crops and vegetables. It was when the American settlers started invading land that the tribe has lost its original habitat. They were helpless, and they could not do anything about it. Their properties were sold by the government to ranchers and businessmen. There was even a time when their original area was used as a place for mass killing. Their tribe resulted had to split in the 19th century in order for them to survive. Some of them moved to the central California while others had to settle in the Southern part of California.

It was in the San Joaquin Valley that they found home and started a new life. They started farming and ranching again yet when oil was discovered in Coalinga, they had to resettle again in what is now their permanent reservation. Thanks to the Citizenship Act of 1924, the American Indians gained citizenship and the rights that come hand in hand with it. What is better is that the citizenship does not require the Native Americans to surrender their citizenship from the tribe. They were treated more fairly by the government and their children were sent to public schools, yet they were deprived of their tradition. They had to stop teaching their language and their religion was banned.

The Santa Rosa Rancheria was established in 1934. Their land area was 40 acres in Lemoore, California. Among the people ion the rancheria, 40 were under the poverty line and most of the households were living in tin houses, old cars and even chicken coops. The average educational attainment was only up to 3rd grade. During the 1980ís, their population grew up to 200 members and their land area was extended up to 170 acres. Their lives were slightly better, with the average educational attainment now up to 8th grade. Several government projects were implemented yet many of them still had to struggle below the poverty level.

The tribe experienced a turning point in their lives when their Native American leaders became more persistent in gaining their rights. When they finally gained recognition from the federal government, in 1988, the Congress passed a legislation to amend the economy of the tribe. The legislation was called the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act which paved way to a stronger economy for their people.

The Southgate Casino was opened in 1983 with the help of New England which is both a casino management firm. The Bingo became a success and today, almost 1,500 players are in their Bingo places everyday. When the tribe took over the overall management, the original name was changed into The Palace Indian Gaming Center. Their Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino is also gaining recognition worldwide because of its services. The casino also helps the youth by providing employment. The tribe is now far from what they were in the past. They are now strong-willed and educated. They are also taking the business world by storm.

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