Bishop Paiute Tribe

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Cultural History

The Bishop Paiute Tribe is comosed of the tribal people who live on the Bishop Paiute Reservation area. These tribal people are the offspring of the "Nu-Mu" who were said to be the aboriginal people who used to live in the Owens Valley. It was in the year 1912 when this sixty seven thousand acres of land located in the Owens Valley was granted to the Bishop Paiute Tribe by the United States government. In the year 1932, then President Hover revoked the original order of President Hoover and placed the sixty seven thousand acres of reserved land under the watershed protection status for the benefit of the city of Los Angeles.

Two years later, in the year 1936, the City of Los Angeles presented their desire to trade the remaining lands for the eight hundred seventy five acres. These eight hundred seventy five acres are what not comprise the current Bishop Paiute Tribe Reservation. The tribal reservation is located at the land base of the picturesque Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  The Bishop Paiute Tribe is currently the fifth largest Californian Tribe with an estimated population of not less than two thousand members. However, being the fifth largest tribe, they are also settled in one of the smallest land bases.

Despite the predicament and the drastic encounters that the tribe has gone through, the Tribal Government remained strong and has since then upgraded their technical abilities. The Tribal Government was also able to push through the development of infrastructures. These developments are regarded for the future success of the Bishop Paiute Tribe Reservation.

One of the major moves for the economic growth and satisfaction of the tribe is the establishment of their very first casino on October of the year 1995. During its first few operations, the tribal casino was established in a small building which served at its temporary home until its final settlement was built. The following year, in April, the new casino building was brought to reality. It started operating and is now one of the top Native American employers in the whole of the state. Over sixty five percent of the employment is provided by the casino. The tribal casino is known as the Paiute Palace Casino. It offers some of the world's greatest sot machines, blackjack and poker games. The casino also has a built in restaurant known as the Palace Café. 

Aide from these, the tribal enterprises today also include a gas station and mini mart. These two are open twenty four hours a day and is located right next to the casino. The Paiute Palace Gas Station offers superb service at a friendly price. Another restaurant owned and operated by the tribe is the Tu-Ka-Novie Restaurant. There are also available lodges for visitors who plan to stay overnight. The Best Western Holiday Spa, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites and the Bishop-Days Inn are only some of the many accommodations.

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