Cher-Ae Heights Indians of Trinidad Rancheria

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Trinidad, CA 95570



Cultural History

The Cher-Ae Heights Indians of Trinidad Racheria's mantra is, "Honoring the past…Looking toward the future." The tribe is settled in the Communitry of the Trinidad Rancheria on the northern California coast which is near the city of Trinidad in the Humboldt County. The tribe is proud of their rich and wonderful history. The Trinidad Rancheria was created in the year 1917. The people who comprise the tribe are the remaining descendants of the formerly three tribes of the California State who are the present day settlers of the racheria and the Yurok Weott and those of the other Tolowa people. The three tribes who comprise the whole of the Trinidad Rancheria have shared the same cultural heritage as well as a link to the different aspects of the other tribal links. These three tribes have lived throughout the coastal region. The area of their inhabitance is now known as the Northern California. The tribal members are those coming from the Humboldt Bay area and some areas of the Oregon coast. 

The tribe, despite the differences in blood, is still united by the tribal organization that takes care of their enterprises and other tribal issues. The tribe has then been unified into common goals which are all served for the tribal resources. Their primary goals are to keep the traditions alive and booming, to strive for economic progress and to look at a bright future. All these goals are yet to be achieved through the success of their enterprises and the cooperation from the tribal members.

It was since the middle of the seventies when the tribe started accomplishing a massive revitalization. The revitalization included that of the newly developed housing facilities and the provisions of the health and welfare services dedicated to the tribal members. Since then, there was also a community council that was formed. The community council is composed of the entire adult voting members. They are the ones who spearhead the Trinidad Rancheria. Of the members of the community council, five are selected to play the roles of the tribal council. The tribal council holds meetings on a regular basis to discuss the important tribal issues that need to be explored and the other possibilities of business ventures.

The Cher-Ae Heights Indians of Trinidad Racheria's residence has various types of weather. There are times when the weather is humid, while at some times, the weather is scorching. The Cher-Ae Heights Indians of Trinidad Racheria have learned to adjust to these and have mastered the art of coping with the weather issues.

The tribal economy is currently flourishing with the newly opened tribal business, the Cher-Ae Heights casino. The casino is the primary business of the tribe and is the one that generates most of the revenues. The success of the casino will likewise spell the success of the tribal economy.

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