Table Mountain Rancheria

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Friant, CA 93626


Cultural History

The Table Mountian Rancheria is a tribe composed of Native Americans. The tribe is composed of people who share the same language culture and history. Majority of its members are engaged in the gaming enterprises. The tribal history tells the story of the Indians who were once nomadic creatures and were always in search for a home. The tribal people had to migrate from one place to another depending on the weather and the resources which they could find. The tribal men were the heads of the family, and were the ones who went to find food for their families. Most of them thrived in small games, such as rabbits while others hunted deer and buffalo. The tribal men were likewise known to be fishermen. They traveled to places where they could find water and fish for salmon. Meanwhile, the women stayed at home to take care of the children. At times, they would also go out in the woods to find and gather berries that they could feed on. Acorn was also a staple food for the tribe because of its availability in their area. The tribe has also been used to the volcanic formations in their area. They have learned to predict when the volcano will start its dispute and when it is calm. By being able to do such, the tribe was able to keep themselves safe and away from harm.

The tribe is both woodland and a desert tribe. They have then learned to adopt in either of the two. The tribal lifestyle is also quite based on the seasons. During the summer season, they were out and were in search for games to hunt. Meanwhile, during the winter months, they were inside their dwellings for heat. They were also used to the planting and harvesting of seeds and berries. The tribal traditions and the customs are very much instilled with every member. They value the 1words of their elders when it comes to the lifestyle, their traditions and of course, with their religion. The tribe has also maintained their seclusion from the world thus avoiding the influx of the land hungry White settlers. They were said to be peace-loving people except when their rights are violated.

Just recently, the tribe was subject to the keen eyes of the media in July of 2000 after they had ousted five council members. The council members were ousted out of their positions because of the "direct violation of the tribal member's rights". The news stated that the five members were allegedly trying to strip the majority of the general tribal members of their right to uphold the tribal welfare in the rancheria. A new set of tribal council members was then elected a day after.

The tribe is now primarily engaged in its casino business, the Table Mountain Casino. The casino has generated revenues bringing about the success needed by the tribe. The tribe is now on its way to achieving the economic progress. The casino is 250,000 square foot, has 2,000 slot machines, 32 table games and 800 seats in the bingo hall.

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