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Cultural History

The Elk Valley Rancheria has a rich and colorful history dating back to their grand forefathers. The tribal territory is also vast yet is has been reduced to its present size because of the plethora of the treaties that were mutually signed together with the federal government. The rancheria people are composed of Native Americans who are currently settled in the california. These people are believed to have been in existence in the tribal lands for hundreds of years now. They are the first settlers in their tribal lands and were the first to cultivate the land in search for the betterment of crop rising. The people of the tribe are from the Tolowa. The Tolowa people traditionally lived along the Smith River basin which is found on the vicinity of the northwestern California and that of the South western Oregon in the United States. These areas of which the members of the tribe are settled are bound by the Port Orford in Oregon to its northern portion, as well as that of the Wilson Creek which is on the north of the Klamath River and the California to the southern portion. The tribal territory is ideal for the members since it provides them with the access to their needs. They have enough woodland, plains area and water coming from the nearby rivers which serve as the lifeline of the tribal territory.

The tribal language is that of the Athapaskan origin. The Athapaskan language is a closely related group of the other indigenous people of the United States, most especially that of the North America. These people who speak the same language as that of the Elk Valley people are likewise located in two main groups of the southern and northern groups. The language is widely spoken and has been a help to both the tribe and the historians. It has helped the tribe in the distinction from the rest of the other tribes while it has helped the historians in tracing back the lineage of the tribal members.

The tribe has maintained their subsistence when it comes to lifestyle. They have likewise been oriented around on the riverine and the marine resources and the acorns. These then served as the tribal food in times when hunting was not a choice. The tribal society was not formally stratified but there is considerable wealth pushed through by the stress. 

The tribal enterprises include that of the Elk Valley Casino, the Tsunami Lanes Bowling, the Hiouchi RV Resort and the Del Norte Golf Course. These enterprises are enough proofs of the tribe's economic progress arising from the benefits of the revenues generated by these ventures. With these enterprises, it is not unlikely for the tribe to be at the peak of success.

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