Cachil Dehe Band of Wintuns

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50 Wintun Road #D
Colusa, CA 95932


Cultural History

The Cachil Dehe Band of Wintuns is a federally recognized tribe of the United States. They are granted the Tribal Status which has given them the power to rule over their land. They are a sovereign nation, having their own tribal government and the ability to run their own resources. They are also independent and self sufficient. The tribe also has their constitution which was ratified and fully approved by the United States Congress. The tribal constitution states the tribal territories and its provisions, the tribal membership and the governing body as well as the powers of the community council and the amendments. It was granted to the tribe on the 18th of June in the year 1934.

The territory of the tribe extends to the Colusa Rancheria and that of the Colusa reservation. There may be land territories added to the tribal lands, depending upon the agreement with the tribal members, officials and the other bodies involved. The Cachil Dehe Band of Wintuns also has the right to do whatever it is that they plan to do with their tribal lands provided that it is under their constitution. The tribal membership, on the other hand, has also several provisions. The criteria in choosing the members of the band are: 1. All the people who has Indian blood and whose names are listed on the census of the Cachil Dehe Band of Wintuns, as well as that taken by the Sacramento Indian agency on the 5th of January in the year 1941 and 2. All the offspring who were born to any member of the Cachil Dehe Band of Wintuns and is a resident of the Community during the time of his or her birth shall be considered a true blue tribal member based on the blood lines and the lineage of which he or she came from. On the other hand, a person who aspires to be a part of the tribe but has only half of the Indian blood may be granted membership provided that he or she has lived a minimum of two years prior to the date of his or her application. He should also promise to help promote the tribal welfare and culture upon his adoption to the tribal government. The adoption shall be in a form of voting process, in which he or she must earn at least two thirds of the community who are eligible to vote for the approval or disapproval of the applicant.

The governing body of the tribe is composed of the Indian Community Council. All members who are beyond twenty one years of age are qualified to join the elections. A Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer and others are elected to the Council. Nowadays, the tribal members and officers are taking charge of the tribal enterprises which has continued to sprout over the years.

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