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The Tyme Maidu Tribe Berry-Creek Rancheria is a California Indian Tribe who lives in what we now call Oroville, California. They have been aware of different issues and just recently, they are trying to complain in a federal court about the nullification in the adoption of American Baby born in Sioux City. They say that the Indian laws does not permit separation of the infant from her mother or infant's transfer to the couple even if they had already told a Sioux City lawyer about the adoption three months before the birth. They say that if they do not prefer the home where the child would like to be placed, they would not allow it to happen. They also said that the case was not notified lots of hearings that occur in Woodbury County Juvenile Court and an Arizona Court.  

In the said complaint, the tribe said that the Juvenile court did not consider the federal right of the tribe regarding the effective participation in the proceedings of termination. 

The federal Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) gives right to the family members and American Indians to choose the family that they want to adopt or give foster care to the American Indian children. It is also stated there that the tribe shall be given notification for all the hearings that involve such issues.

They also said that Maxine Buckmeier who is a Sioux City attorney just ignored their tribe's request to place the children in the mother's extended family and did no effort to find for another foster care within the tribe's family. Contrast to their request, Buckmeier insisted to place the child with her clients who will serve as the adoptive parents of the child. However, Buckmeier did not say anything about it. 

The tribe is still insisting to return the child in their custody with the use of the judge's order and the attorney as well as the Woodbury County Juvenile court must follow the Indian child welfare laws. They are hoping that they will be heard and their laws will be considered in the future hearings that will be held. 

Shannon Edwards, who is a tribal member, gave birth to a child and after some days, let her child be adopted by signing release of custody to Buckmeier. They are complaining that it was a wrong process because it has to take ten days before a mother can sign a release of custody. It is based in the ICWA. An Arizona couple served as the foster parent of the child. They were not notified of the said case until the termination of parental rights happened twenty days after. The parental rights of Edwards were terminated on December 26. Their complaint regarding the issue is still pending in court.  
Tyme Maidu Tribe Berry-Creek Rancheria considers their laws very important to follow. They do not want to be by passed by anybody since it involves their tribe. The issue regarding family in this tribe is a big problem that needs to be settled. Family is very important to this Indian tribe.

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