Concow-Maidu of Mooretown Rancheria

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Cultural History

The Concow-Maidu of Mooretown Rancheria has a history like no other. Their history vividly showcases the tribe's creativity and their love for folklore. The tribe has their own story as to how they came to be. Their oral history is where their tribal members have based the origins of their tribe. According to the story, in the beginning of the times, the Wahno-no-pem was the considered to be the Great Spirit. He was said to be the one who made all the things on Earth. Prior to his arrival, everything on Earth were hidden beneath the gloominess and the darkness. He was then the light of the Earth. It was out of his breath that he made the sun, the moon and the countless stars. Upon the creation of his masterpieces, he then pinned these creations into the sky. He then visited the Earth during the day and whenever he leaves, the darkness prevails once again. It was also said that on the same spot where he stood, he returned and then the light finally shone upon the Concows and the rest of the living creatures on Earth.
The Concows and the rest of the living creatures on Earth became wicked, and soon, the Great Spirit showed itself to them. He then reminded the tribe that they were created out of his breath and that they shall not bow down to worship anything that he has created except him. The tribe was asked not to praise the mountains, the rocks and the songs of the birds but him and him alone. The Great Spirit has left them a legacy and so the women of the tribe waded into Ani-ka-to and tried their very best to keep themselves as pure as possible. The tribe still maintains the tradition up to these days.
The previous home of the tribe is that of the Con-cow Valley which is now located in the White Man Butte County. The tribe has been settled in the said area for years until they had to leave their home because of the prophecy. The tribe stood still on the prophecy and resettled in another land. There, they found everything that they needed to survive. The tribal people are known to be good hunters and gatherers of berries. The tribal men were also good in finding new locations where they could find refuge.
The tribe has definitely gone a long way since the earlier times. Most of the tribal members of today are educated people, and has college degrees. Many of the tribal members are likewise excelling in various fields in the society. Despite the education, the tribe has maintained their close knit relationships with each other. The tribe now owns and operates some business enterprises such as convenience store and some other investments.

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