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Cultural History

The Fort Mojave Tribe is a federally recognized tribe hailing from the reservations located in the lands in Arizona and in Nevada. The boundaries brought about by treaties set the tribal territory up to the banks of the Colorado River, covering not less than 23,699 acres of land in Arizona and some other 5,582 acres of land in Nevada. These two tribal reservation areas are just two of the three reservation areas granted to the tribe by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the United States government. The Spirit Mountain, however, is said to be the ancestral origin of the tribe. The reservation, these days, serve as their refuge from the threats of the tribal conflicts. Up to this day, there are said to be not less than 1,120 people residing in the tribal reservation areas. 
The primary source of living in the tribal lands is that of agriculture. It plays an essential role in the lives of the tribal members as it supports the economic growth of the tribe. The agricultural sector of the tribe proves to be flourishing with the fifteen thousand acres of land currently under the cultivation process. The commonly grown crops in the area are those which are commonly grown namely the cotton, alfalfa and the wheat.
The Mojave Indian Tribe has lived along the banks of the Colorado River. The tribe is of the Pipa Aha Macav, which means "People of the River". Spirit Mountain, said to be the original tribal land, is still part of the current reservation except that it is located on the northern west portion of the tribe's reservation area.
As stated in the tribal oral traditions, the Colorado River was said to have been created by Mutavilya, who was a Mojave spirit. He was the one who was said to have placed the plants and animals around the tribal lands as well as the instruction of the Pipa Aha Macav in the arts of their civilization. The tribe was said to have a fruitful agricultural sector long before they were affected by the coming of the Spanish invaders. The tribe has then created villages to serve as their habitats and was also able to discover trade routes towards the Pacific Ocean. 
A century later, the American frontier opened and so the tribe had to oppose the military wagon that was taking the lands away. The tribe was adamant in keeping their ancestral lands with them and fought the migrants. In return, the invaders then established the Fort Mojave military post in the year 1859. The military post was located on the eastern bank of the Colorado River.
The tribe has obviously recovered well from the opposition brought about by the invaders. In fact, the tribe is now one of the leading tribes when it comes to business. The tribe owns a casino, resort, RV Park and a gas station.

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