Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation

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Cultural History

The Quenchan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation is one of the federally recognized tribes of the United States. The tribal residence is the Fort Yuma-Quenchan Reservation. The tribal reservation is located along the rivers of Colorado River which is near the area of Yuma in Arizona. The reservation actually borders the states of Arizona, California and Mexico The tribal land encompasses not less than 45,000 acres.

These Yuma people prefer to be called the Quenchan. The tribe is well known as fighters and people who are always ready to defend themselves from the intruders. The tribe has long battled it out with the Papago, the Apache and the rest of the other tribes who were wanting to take full control of the fertile lands located in the Colorado River which also serves as a boundary between the California and the Arizona states. The tribe is also known to be agricultural people, and has leased seven hundred acres of farm to a non-Indian farmer. The tribal land that was leased is only a portion of some of the other tribal lands that were put into lease by the tribal government. Aside from the leasing of the lands, the tribe likewise operated several other business enterprises such as a long-term sand and gravel lease along with the non-Indian corporation. There are not less than eight to ten tribal members who are part of the operation. 

Aside from these two, the Fort Yuma Quenchan Reservation also boasts of the flourishing tourism industry in the tribe. The tourism industry helps many tribal members in their quest for living resources. The tourism boosts the economic development of the tribe. During hot summers and cold winters, the tribal land's temperature is at its best because it is neither too cold nor too humid. Many tourists travel to the tribal lands in search for refuge and relaxation. The peak seasons for the tribal operations are the months between Novembers up to March. The tribal tourism board has managed to establish five trailer and RV parks, all for the use of the tribal visitors. They also have a grocery store, museum, bingo hall, utility company as well as that of the fish and game department. The most commonly visited areas are that of the historical lands and the Heritage Centre which is supposed to house a museum.

The population of the Quenchan Tribe is up to 2,745 members up to this day. It was in the year 1994 when the tribe opened the first gaming facility which is the bingo hall that can accommodate up to three hundred gamers. The tribe has also recently ventured into an agreement with the Pacific Coast coming from Minnesota so as to contribute together in developing a new casino.

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