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The Apache Tribe is a pretty large group of Native Americans that are still around to date. Located in the southern part of the United States, mostly in Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico, there is a group of Apaches that are called the Tonto Apache, which is located in eastern Arizona. The Tonto Apache Tribe was established roughly around the late 1860's and early 1870's. 

The Tonto Apache tribe was actually split up into two regions, similar to the United States during the civil war. There was the North Tonto and the South Tonto; they were separated based on the people. They were mostly divided by the difference and beliefs of the tribal members. It was suggested however that they were divided because the northern Tonto were apart of the Yavapais Apaches 

The Tonto Apache Reservation is quite small compared to other reservations, only about 85 acres with about 100 tribal members to this present day. One fact that may take you by surprise however is that a third of the Tonto population have not even reached their sixteenth birthday yet! There were many Tonto Apaches in the past, but many of them left their land, and returned to discover that the white man have taken over teir land; just like they did with most Native American tribes. The Tonto Apache Tribe however they are working with the US government for a right to their land, which is where they are today. 

The government and council members of the Tribe are as so: Ivan Smith is the Chairman, David Davis is the Vice Chairman, Farrel Hoosava, Vivian Berdette and Lanell Hooke are all council members. 

The Tonto Apace tribe is very active in the community by the work of their art. They are nationally known for their bead and basketry work. They get a lot of money from their location of the reservation. They have many large landforms that surrounds the reservation; these all include a various of mountain groups. 

One thing that you are probably curious about, is if they have a casino; because we all know most Native American Tribes do. The answer to that question is yes, they do, a big one in fact, about 35,000 square feet. There are over 300 employees working there, which does include slot machines, poker room, arcades, bingo, and much much more. 

The Tonto Apache tribe is not a very big tribe, but they are still around. Remember, only about a third of the Tribe is not even sixteen years old, so you can bet within twenty years or so, you can bet that the tribe is going to multiply. 

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