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Cultural History

The Ak-Chin Indian Community are a tribe of Native Americans who reside in Arizona. As with most tribes, the Ak-Chin Indian Community are marked by a long-standing history in the United States of America and have a clear and marked identity that they have long stood by.

Ak-Chin, the beginning of the name of the community, was not given to the tribe by mistake. The word is defined by the tribe as relating to the irrigation method that occurs by allowing naturally-occurring elements, such as cloud precipitation, to water and feed plants and grow food. It is a method that the Ak-Chin Indian Community used for years in the past. Many different vegetables thrived under this method of irrigation. 

As with most tribes, the Ak-Chin Indian Community were eventually given an area of land to call their own. President William Howard Taft was the man who signed off on giving an area of over twenty-thousand acres to this proud tribe. From there on out, things only got better for the tribe. The 1960s saw the tribe be admitted into the reorganization movement many Indian tribes were joining. The tribe also was able to come up with a set of rules and regulations for its members to join, much like the country they lived in itself. 

With their new status and set of laws, the tribe was able to set its sight on economic prosperity. Their moniker for so many years had been successful farming, as mentioned above, and so it was only natural that their business should take after this identity. Their farms were a near-instant success, turning a profit quicker than most businesses would. 

All their success hit a snag soon after, however, when the tribe found themselves in a water crises. To successfully run their farming business, the Ak-Chin Indian Community needed a consistent supply of water to irrigate and regulate their plants and vegetables. Unfortunately, the government saw no reason to provide them with water and thus the tribe often found themselves against the United States government for this right. It wasn't until 1988 that this battle finally ended with a negotiation. 

With their rights to water now in law, the Ak-Chin Indian Community should be confident that their farming business will carry the tribe into whatever comes next. Although the tribe is a far cry away from the original band which depended on natural elements for irrigation, they still hold the same principles and standards that their ancestors did before them. Without a doubt, the Ak-Chin Indian Community will continue to hold the pride and tradition of their elders as they continue to develop and prosper in the United States.

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