Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona

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Cultural History

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona are said to be well accustomed with most of the parts of Arizona. The tribe has long been wanderers in the Northern America thus they have adjusted to the lives in the said area. It was in the year 552 AD when the Yaquis used to live in family groups and were settled in the banks of the Yaqui River also known as the Yoem Vatwe located in the north of the Gila River. This place of settlement for the tribe is almost perfect since the resources that they need to obtain for living was readily available just around the area. The tribe used to gather wild desert food; they were also fond of the hunting games. The Yaquis likewise cultivated corn, beans and even squash. The techniques used by the tribe in their cultivation were handed down to them by their ancestors. Aside from agriculture, the tribe also made a living by trading with the other neighboring tribes. The Yaquis traded their native foods, fur, shells, salt and some other groups with those indigenous tribes who were settled in the central north of America. Some of the tribes of which they traded their goods were the Shoshone, the Comanche people, the Pueblos, the Pimas, the Aztecs and even the Toltec. These Yaqui people also roamed around the American states during the pre-Columbian times. They were then nomadic people and settled in the areas where they could find food. There were even times when the tribe settled with other native groups such as those of the Zunis. In the year 1414, however, the tribe was able to organize their system. They had their military system and a governing body who took charge of the tribal affairs.
It was in the year 1533 when the first contact with the Whites happened. The Spanish military expedition accidentally reached the tribal land and tried to conquer it. Many Yaqui people were killed and so were some Spanish soldiers. The Yaquis proved to be tough enemies. The tribe was able to raise not less than seven thousand men to fight for them. Within a few hours, these men gained success in protecting the beloved tribal land from the land-hungry intruders.
Despite the victory, the Yaquis were not able to drive away fully the Spanish soldiers. Instead, the Spanish force only became stronger so in order for the Yaquis to survive, they made an alliance with the neighboring tribe of Mayo to help them protect their lands and keep the Spanish away from their territory. 
It was on the 18th of May in the year 1978 when the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona was formally recognized. The reservation was likewise inaugurated and the tribe was granted full tribal status. Today, the tribe operates and owns the Casino of the Sun and the Casino Del Sol, both of which brings revenues to the community.

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