Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

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Cultural History

Together, the Tlingit and the Haida Indian tribes have inhabited the Southeast Alaska for the longest time. They are two distinct tribes who act separately but are bound by a special place they both call their homeland. They call it the Aani in their dialect. According to one of their legends, a section of the Haida Nation first arrived to the land from Haida Gawaii, now known as the Queen Charlotte Islands in the British Columbia. It was said that the Haida Gwaii is the true ancestral place of the Haidas prior to their discovery of the Aani. The tribes both have their own legends that tell the story of how their tribes are in charge of the universe. The Haida tribe has "The Raven and the First People" which tells the tale of how their tribe discovered mankind and why they have the responsibility of taking care of the generation, while the Tlingit tribe has its own version called the "Raven and Creation Story". 

Both these clans are born out of the matrilineal clan system that is, their identities are determined by the roots of their mothers. These two clans have two major moieties namely the Eagle and the Raven. In the Tlingit culture, they call the Raven as Yeil while the Ch’aak is their eagle. Sometimes, they use wolf instead of eagle. 

Together, these two clans have lived jointly in the area. They have peacefully shared the blessings of resources found within the Southeastern Alaska. They are blessed with healthy lands and bountiful waters which they use for fishing, hunting, farming and gathering berries for their living. They are also both natural traders exchanging goods with each other. They are both diligent in cultivating their land and use the cedar trees for basket weaving, making canoes, ceremonial objects, ceremonial dresses and other utensils.

Both of these tribes have managed to keep their tradition and culture alive. They both have strict protocols that should be followed by their members. For example, they have potlatches which are used in various celebrations like birth, marriages or any other victory.

Their main mode of transportation are the waters, they have long learned the techniques in making canoe out of cedar barks. These canoes add up to the ingenuity of their tribes. These canoes are also used in the trading industry. Because of these canoes, the tribesmen get to travel up to the islands of Hawaii. 

Despite the threats of the other races, both the Haida and Tlingit tribes have fought their way for their rights. The Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska makes sure that their rights are duly given and that there is fairness and equality. They are currently engaged in their primary business which is the Tlingt and Haida Technology Industries.