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The Shoonaq Tribe of Kodiak is a tribe settled in the Kodiak. Kodiak is actually located near the north western tip of the Kodiak Island which is in the Gulf of Alaska. Kodiak Island is also known as "The Emerald Isle" which is the largest island in the whole of Alaska but only ranks second to the island of Hawaii in the whole of the United States. The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge encompasses not less than 1.9 million acres of land located on the Kodiak and Afognak Islands. The Kodiak Island, the tribe's settlement, is 252 air miles to the south of Anchorage. Kodiak is actually on the Kodiak Recording District which is composed of 3.5 square miles of land and 1.4 square miles of water. The climate in the area is influenced by marine life. The climate is gentle, with little or sometimes not even a single drop of freezing water and moderate precipitation starting in February. There are also storms during the months of December up to February. The average annual rainfall is 67 inches while the snowfall is at 78 inches.
For more than eight thousand years now, the Island has been the home of the Shoonaq Tribe of Kodiak. The first contact of the tribe with the non-Natives was in the year 1763 when the Russian Stephen Glotov accidentally discovered life on the area. He was then followed by another Russian who was a fur trader in the name of Alexander Baranov. The primary reason for the number of the explorers in the area was the sea otter pelts. The sea otter pelts were an incentive for the explorations that the settlement was created at the Chiniak Bay. The Chiniak Bay today is the present location of the Kodiak.
The Kodiak is the home of the federally recognized tribe known as the Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak. There is an Inter-Tribal Council which spearheads the activities of the tribe and the other island people. The area is suitable for fishing and other commercial activities. The Coast Guard of the island makes sure that the tribe is well taken care of as well as the tribal resources. The Shoonaq Tribe of Kodiak gained their full recognition as a Native American Tribe in the year 2001. In commemoration of the tribe's achievement, the Kodiak College was established. It served as a branch of the University of Alaska Anchorage. It can be found on the Kodiak City itself. The census data revealed that there are 3, 159 residents in the area with the unemployment rate at 4.98%. 
The tribe is currently engaged in business ventures such as gaming and non-gaming facilities. Their community school is also gaining recognition for educational excellence. The tribe also has wellness centers, reservoirs and other infrastructure brought about by the new technology.

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