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Cultural History

The Organized Village of Kake is composed of the People of Kake. These people are traditionally known as the Tlingit Village. The Kake's population today is comprised of many other cultures. The cultures that are currently in effect of the Kake Village are the Tsimshian, the Haida, the Yupik and some of the "Lower 48" native cultures. It is, however, the Native American Indians who are taking the majority of the Kake Village. Seventy five percent of the village people are the Kake People.
The tribe is settled in many islands across the central southeastern portion of Alaska. The Kake Village is said to have a population of not less than eight hundred people. Aside from their areas in Alaska, the Organized Village of Kake also occupies a portion of the Tongass National Forest. Some of the best known resources in the area are the timber, the fishe, wildlife, and other mineral resources of which are all helpful in the lifestyle of the tribal people. The area covered by the Kake Village people is almost the same size as that of the Rhode Island. 
Because of the ruch rural lifestyle, many people have adopted the area as their original ajnd final settling place. The Kake People are known for their hospitality, their friendliness and their willingness to share their history and lifestyle. The Kake's area covers not less than eight square miles of land as well as another six square miles of water. Their territory is located ninety air miles to the Southern portion of Juneau which is the capital of Alaska and is also around fifty air miles to the eastern side of Sitka.
Kake's area has a maritime climate of which is characterized by cool summers and gentle winters. The precipitation in the area is that of the typical in precipitation in the Southeast of Alaska. The term Kake, when translated in the English language, literally means, "The town that never sleeps". The tribe is proud of having the world's largest totem people.
The lifestyle of the Kake people is composed of traditional dances, and values. These are part of the inheritance of the generations that follow. Subsistence is an inevitable part of the life of the Kake people. They carry with them this type of lifestyle wherever they go. 
The Organized Village of Kake was named in the year 1947 after the signing of the Indian Reorganization Act. The tribe's constitution and by-laws were likewise ratified. There are currently 614 enrolled members of the tribe. The tribe's economic condition has been guided by the government with the help of the other neighboring tribes and experts. The tribe owns the Keex' Kwan Lodge which is a 12-room hotel complete with a small built in restaurant and was opened in the year 1996.

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