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Barrow, AK 99723


Cultural History

The Native Village Barrow is actually a part of the other two hundred Native villages located in the State of Alaska. The Native Village Barrow is the northern most out of the other eight Native Villages located in the Artic Slope Borough of the State. Having been the northern most of the others, it is the most geographically isolated. The people in the village are called the Inupiaq and the Inuit. These people share the same language as well as the culture. Both these tribes have close relationships to the Inuit people who are from the Northern Canada and Greenland.
In the year 1999, the Alaska's Supreme Court upheld the decision of the smaller tribal court which once noted that the Native Village Barrow be known as "inherent, non-territorial sovereignty". Because of this privilege, the tribe was given their own right to operate within themselves regarding tribal matters. The tribe also had their tribal court of which personal and subject matter jurisdiction is not obtained by fraud thus, everything is legal and is to be recognized by the government. The Native Village Barrow had no formal court for the past years until it was given one several years later.
The tribe refused to be known as indifferent as what their reputation is. The tribe is actually almost the same as that of the Luiseño Nations. The Luiseño Nation had their own degree of jurisdiction yet was not allowed to rule over the property issues. The courts did not favor the tribal issues such as property and divorce. However, in the years to come, the tribe was soon recognized for these. They were then acknowledged as another governing body of tribe independent from the rest. 
The said to be isolated area of the Native Village Barrow is expected to be out of interest when it comes to entrepreneurship and technology. However, the tribe is not as far as what people think. The tribe excels in arts. There are many artists residing in the area. Proof of the existence of artists in the area is the Inuit Art Collection. The Art Collection represents the artistic capabilities of the Native Americans.
The Native Village of Barrow Inupiat Traditional Government is the new name of the Native Village Barrow. The tribe is a federally recognized Alaska Native Inupiat or tribal entity and is part of the list of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the year 2003. The tribe's present location is Barrow, Alaska. 
It was in the year 1940 when the first formal village in the area was established for the settlement. This was in compliance of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. Likewise, a corporation in the name of the tribe was also created.

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